Electronic cigarette: the controversy continues

Consumers expect a major investigation to be conducted by independent bodies.

Because today is doubt in everyone’s minds and the reasons are legitimate to wonder: polyphenols are found in the form of additives, in thousands of food products we consume every day and we give to our children.

The cosmetic is not forgotten: day creams, night creams and other products of renowned contain these polyphenols. Yet their advertisements ventent deserve and women use every day for decades.

At present, there is no evidence that polyphenols represents a real danger to health, while the danger of cigarette combustion has been recognized many times. It remains, however, counter and shops on the net literally explode.

It is however not easy to start and the technical terms that vendors approach seem difficult to understand for a novice. Vapoteur apprentice, he ‘ll have to cram.

Anyway electronic cigarette remains for the moment a great paradox that has not finished to encourage discussion.

An electronic cigarette is selling around 25€ (charger included), but be aware that it is generally recommended to start with 2 cigarettes (to continue vapoter when e-cig is supported). Tobacco ammonia product known to facilitate absorption of nicotine.